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"StopZilla is the best there is in Anti-Spyware history. It is powerful and effective, yet simple to use."

James Villa
San Jose, CA

Stopzilla - The World's Leading PC Security Software

As computers become smarter, so do the viruses that attack it. To keep up with the times, you need to make sure that you have the best security software around that knows just how to protect your data. For this, we recommend StopZilla, the revolutionary program that seeks to block and destroy all malware and virus threats.

  • Defends your PC from nasty viruses, malware, spyware and other potential problems
  • Constant and proactive defensive system against internet traffic
  • Scans, detects and obliterates any virus already on your PC
  • Blocks data theft efforts by malicious programs and viruses

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Stopzilla Features

The best choice within professional circles
Professionals always demand the best, be it in their own home or in the office. Keeping their data and investments well protected is their primary concern. These professionals have to guard against hoards of viruses and other security nightmares. For this, they trust only StopZilla.

Maximum protection versus all types of malware and viruses
There are many types of malware and virues such as rootkits, spyware, hijackware, Trojans and more. With so many things to watch out for, having a simple program that simply scans is just enough. You need StopZilla, which will not only scan and obliterate these viruses, but also protect your from future infection.

Optimize PC Speed
A wonderful side effect of losing viruses and unwanted malicious software is the overall increase in PC speed. Now that no unwanted processes are using your system resources, your PC can now focus on running at the best speed it can muster.

Safeguard your Data
These viruses may be known to simply destroy your hardware and induce data loss, but they can also be used by malicious individuals to steal your data. Data theft leads to loss of money, property and identity, which is a very big problem across the globe. These viruses may even be used to control your hardware, such as the webcam and keyboard to monitor you and your family. Protect your data from these syphoning programs with StopZilla.

AVM Technology
AVM Technology allows StopZilla to work in conjunction with other security programs. After all, when it comes to your security, more heads are better than one. Of course, with other security programs, they tend to overlap and interfere with each other, causing a slowdown of both programs. AVM Technology prevents that by optimizing compatibility between StopZilla and your existing anti-virus software.

Why does my PC get Viruses and Spyware?

Regardless of how new or how old a system is, hackers exist. These hackers always try to find a way through a vulnerability or an exploit that will allow them access and control of your computer. Data is a very expensive commodity that has become even more valuable and dangerous in recent times. That is why new viruses are made daily to attack any vulnerable computer. There are many types of things that viruses can do to your PC.

Spyware can steal bank account information: These days, we also use our computers to bank. We input our personal details as well as our bank account details into our computer. What if a spyware was watching what you type and what you do? They can simply take your money and block your access to your own bank accounts.

Ransomware can completely lock you out of your PC: A seemingly popular trend in data theft technology is to completely lock out a user from using their computer while the highjacker takes care of business, such as steal data, highjack accounts and consume resources. It is called ransomware since the hacker also requests payment or service in exchange for access to their computer. This may be in the form of actual request for money, or a fake message about a very expensive antivirus program that will be able to remove the problems that the hacker started.

Malware can completely slow down your PC and use your resources: Malware are programs that forcibly use your system resources to perform useless tasks. These tasks may range from acting as a forced server or access router, to monitoring your actions and logging them for future use. Malware can significantly slow down your PC, leading to frustrations, increased system stress and eventual breakdown of the hardware.

Identifying and Fixing a Virus infestation in your PC

Once you start to notice that your PC may be behaving slower than before, or if you constantly get pop-ups and unusual activity in your PC, it is time to actively take a look. You may be dealing with a serious virus infestation, and the only way out is to get a proper anti-virus scanner and removal tool. You already know the repercussions of not acting immediately upon this threat form malicious minds.

Despite the native security tools found in new OS like Windows 7 and Windows 8, these security tools are too basic to deal with a full-on virus and malware assault. The best way to deal with this is to supplement their protection with StopZilla’s absolute defense and malware removal tools.

Download Stopzilla Today

StopZilla’s reputation as the number 1 Antivirus program around the world definitely precedes itself. Experts have drawn dozens of reasons why StopZilla should be your one stop program for your Antivirus needs. The program is definitely intuitive enough and very easy to use for even an absolute beginner. The award-winning foolproof design of StopZilla is one of its greatest prides and offers a great combination to a powerful tool.

Here are but a few of the reasons why you should start downloading StopZilla:

  • Defends your PC from nasty viruses, malware, spyware and other potential problems
  • Constant and proactive defensive system against internet traffic
  • Scans, detects and obliterates any virus already on your PC
  • Blocks data theft efforts by malicious programs and viruses
  • Perfect complement to any existing antivirus programs
  • Light system resource use with deep scanning technology makes it a light and convenient tool

StopZilla is a program that has penetrated the worldwide market as the number 1, no-brainer antivirus program. The program is very fast, very powerful and yet very easy to use. It is the professional’s choice when it comes to the top of the line system protection for any computer threats this year 2013 and beyond.


Stopzilla. The Leader in Anti Spyware and Malware Defense.